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We have a new user interface that is easier to work with mikrotik .It does all load balancing and failover scenario very easily for the users.and also firewall of Mikrotik is very powerful and it’s a layer seven firewall protocol .It made a platform by central servers and our supporting team detect the new attacks and threats are identified by our supporting team and it is sent to this UI.UI automatically performs the required command in Mikrotik firewall.this UI is in two versions:hardware and software.the software version is in format of app Web based that will be installed on the client’s system.users just by getting ip and mikrotik username and password can manage it.the hardware version is combination of a mikrotik routerboard and a controling hardware board.

?How does this app work

Farkiantech’s team has tried to make this program easier for everyone who uses Mikrotik


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inteface in mikrofirewall
Rule in mikrofirewall
Rule in mikrofirewall

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